Pentti Linkola about Democracy and Non Violence

08.17 07:23


Man has learned almost nothing even when confronted with the impending end of the world. The majority of people continue to make their daily choices on the basis of what they desire and what pleases them. The deep ecologist never confuses human preferences or distastes, whether his own or those of others, with what needs to be done. He will formulate his judgments a establish his guidelines on the basis of what is feasible without diminishing the possible richness of the biosphere or endangering its continuity.

Democracy, by contrast caters to the whims of man: the will of the people.

The consequences of this are frightening: what democracy leads to is the kind of suicidal society that we see all around us. Democracy is the most miserable of all known societal systems, the building block of doom. Under such a of government unmanageable freedom of production and consumption and the passions of the people are not only tolerated, but cherished as the highest values. The most serious environmental disasters occur in democracies. Any kind of dictatorship is superior to democracy, for a system where the individual is always bound one way or another leads to utter destruction more slowly. When individual freedom reigns, humanity is both the killer and the victim.


Man has learned almost nothing: there are people who re still sanctimonious in their opposition to violence egardless ofthe state ofthe world, and who will presumably continue in the same way until its end. Frolicking in peace and love must be sweet -no doubt about that. Yet it is a nonsensical and disastrous attitude. With a smothering shroud of six billion people and all their demands covering the surface of the Earth, pacifism is dead. 

Nothing is as much a case of its own and an unsuitable example for pacifism as Gandhi's teaching. Mahatma Gandhi was backed by 400,000  Indians who faced 1,000 British soldiers: what a fine moment to preach peace! The minority, on the other hand, has no chance other than to resort to violence against violence: to a tougher, sharper more astute, massive and fanatical violence; an iron will capable of facing no matter how superior a power. Examples can be found throughout history of both heroic defeats and victories. Finns have a fine example of their own for how violence at the hands of a tiny minority can prove successful: the Finnish Winter War. An example a hundred times more brilliant than even that can be found: a recent act of war, in which a handful of morally and intellectually superior peo- ple managed to severely wound a mighty world power.

Excerpts from " Can Life prevail ?"


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