«Спасение Нации и спасение Природы - есть цель единая и неделимая. Нет ничего более значимого в данную историческую минуту, чем сохранение Природы как залог самосохранения и выживания Нации » © Доброслав


Pentti Linkola about Democracy and Non Violence

Man has learned almost nothing even when confronted with the impending end of the world. The majority of people continue to make their daily choices on the basis of what they desire



He advocated for the establishment of a Slavic State and promoted radical version of the ancient Slavic Religion, worshiped nature, and encouraged his followers to lead a lifestyle of healthy living.


Agrarianism-movement for a agrarian reform and independence

The system doesn't love independent people because it is impossible to influence them by the pseudo-promotion and the doubtful benefits. Therefore experience of landowners can help us with this hard fight against system.


Hyperborean Frugitores

“When I go back,”.. First, no animal food was eaten, no animals were sacrificed.” Origenes has left us the record that “the Egyptians would prefer to die, rather than become guilty of the crime of eating .. flesh.”


Vegetarianism in ancient Greek philosophers

Vegetarianism and animal rights have a long history in Western civilization stretching to antiquity that is unknown or forgotten by many people today.


Völkisch movement

To the völkisch-minded person, the Volk's well-being -its vitality and viability, its spiritual-health and romantic idealism, its racial-integrity and caliber - reigns supreme


Savitri Devi:excerpts from Impaechement of Man

We-who are racialists, and remain so in defiance of savage persecutions -proclaim, thanks precisely to our faith in divine order and hierarchy, the brotherhood of all living creatures on the sole ground...


The Artaman League

The Artaman League had its roots in the overall Lebensreform movement in Germany. They were involved in various experiments tied to ecology, health, fitness, vegetarianism, and naturism (Nacktkultur).


From Deep Ecology to Nationalism: A Modest Proposal

A world without White people would also be a world without environmentalists and animal rights activists. It would be a world without the technologies necessary to clean up the environment.



Aquaponics refers to any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water)in a symbiotic environment.


Wagner: Vegetarianism and Antivivisection

The old knight shows Parsifal the suffering that he has caused; he makes him look upon the face of the dying swan. By doing so he prompts Parsifal to feel shame at his misdeed and compassion


David Miatt: Why racialism is right?

Racialism is right, because it is the will of the Nature. Racism does Nature's work, helping it to save the most important creatures, that were being developed for thousands of years


Italian Alps the sacred mountains that connect sky and earth

This is certainly the home of the ancient gods, the sacred mountains that connect sky and earth. The beauty of this place is very touching


Nationalism and the Environment

Nationalism and environmentalism go hand in hand: It is pride in your people, pride in your nation, pride in the very soil of the land.


Evola and the practical metaphysics of the Mountains

To Evola, the experience of the mountain represented (beyond the physical challenge itself) the possibility of an inner realization... The Western world oppresses and commits violence against the deep reality of nature


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