Italy: a sad day with an unlucky attempt to save a lamb

06.18 18:47

Today has been a sad day… I decided to spend the morning taking a nice walk in the woods and during it I noticed some trash so I decided to clean up the woods from it. While I was bringing the trash on the roadside, I passed next to a herd of sheep that was grazing in an enclosure. I noticed, at the border of the enclosure, a lamb that was lying on the ground completely alone: his breathing was very difficult and he wasn’t able to get up, even when I touched him.

No shepherds were around and the situation was critical, so I climbed over the enclosure and I picked up the lamb, taking him out of there. I called my mother to reach me by car at the edge of the woods and then we went to the veterinary. While I held in my harms the lamb, it was clear his life was slowly fading: he didn’t move, his breathing was always difficult and his legs were cold. Arrived at the veterinary, she immediately gave him first care, making him injections and keeping him warm.

She told us that probably the lamb had pneumonia, caused by the heavy rain and cold temperatures we had in these days and by the fact that, in the enclosure in the woods in which these sheep are, they have no repair from rain and cold. She couldn’t do anything else for today, only keep the lamb warm and wait until tomorrow, so we went away hoping he would survive. One hour later, the veterinary called me: the lamb was dead. I went back to her, I took the lamb and I brought him the woods to bury him.

To be so serious, he already had pneumonia at least from a couple of days and the shepherds probably noticed this lamb was sick, but to not spend money in veterinary care they preferred to let him die alone. Probably also the trash was left there by the shepherds. At least this lamb recived some love in the last moments of his life… This is how many humans treat animals: they are nothing but objects and when they are broken, they become useless. By eating or by wearing animal products, we support this situations.

But in Nature nothing is useless and his dead body will become food for other animals and plants. He will be in foxes, martens, badgers, crows, in the giant oaks and pines under which I buried him, beautiful flowers will grow from his body and he will be inside them: this is eternity. Love animals, always.+


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