An hard walk upon the mountain to reach a magic place

06.14 16:10

Our Central Italy cell decided  to celebrate the day with a community walk upon Mounth Orlando in Gaeta and reach the magic place of Plancus Mausoleum asacred place that saw during the centuries many fortifications added to the originary tomb of Caesar's victorious general. The place is an allegory or the power of Nature that along the years took progressively backand covered , almost embracing  the marble and the stones built by the men in the ancient times.

Gaeta is a city in the province of Latina, in Lazio, central Italy. Set on a promontory stretching towards the Gulf of Gaeta, it is 120km from Rome and 80km from Naples.The town has played a conspicuous part in military history: its fortifications date back to Roman times, and it has several traces of the period, including the 1st-century mausoleum of the Roman general Lucius Munatius Plancus at the top of the Monte Orlando.Gaeta's fortifications were extended and strengthened in the 15th century, especially throughout the history of the Kingdom of Naples (later the Two Sicilies).

Plancus was one of  most famous  Caesar's generals and the mauseoleum was fortified in various times all along the centuries. This is a sacred athmosphere given by this magic  place where  nature was  taking back what was hers.

He died in 22 B.C. and was buried in this mausoleum. Around the outside of the mausoleum symbols of war can be seen- Over the entrance is a plaque which reads:

"Lucius Munatius Plancus, son of Lucius, grandson of Lucius and great grandson of Lucius, consulcensor, twice general, member of the seven-man college of epulones, triumphed over the Raeti, with booty from the war, built the Temple of Saturn, created the territory of Beneventum in Italy and founded the colonies of Lyons and Raurica (Basel) in Gaul."

This mausoleum is the most complete tomb of its type in the country. It is forty-five feet high and ninety-seven feet wide. The inside contains a circular hall with four funerary chambers leading off it, a plan that shows the influence of the Etruscan Tomb at Cervetri. Beside the entrance is a small ladder. This leads to the top of the tomb. From here the entire panorama of Gaeta can be viewed.


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